Apply for the Unique Platinum Card

Struggling with improving your credit score? Learn how you can apply for the Unique Platinum Card and take advantage of benefits and features that will help build your credit today.


Unique Platinum Card: Build a stronger credit score and a healthier financial future!

Unique Platinum Card
Learn how to apply for this card and improve your online shopping experience. Source: Financeiro Consulte.

Do you want to build your credit score and access a line of credit? You can get that and more when you apply for the Unique Platinum Card.

This merchandise card offers people of all credit levels the ability to shop at My Unique Outlet and boost their current rating.


Credit Card

Unique Platinum Card

online low annual fee

Get the purchasing power you deserve!

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One key factor about this card is that it’s not either a Visa or Mastercard. What that means is that you can’t use it anywhere else to make purchases.

However, you can get up to $1,000 in unsecured credit to shop thousands of items of your choosing. 

The Unique Platinum Card charges a $19.95 monthly fee, but has no APR to worry about.

You’ll get perks such as Roadside Assistance, Unique RX discounts, and $25 Reward Dollars every month that your account remains active.

If you’re struggling with bad credit, the Unique Platinum offers you the chance to increase your score with good use.

That is because Unique Card Services, the issuer, reports all account activity to the three main credit bureaus in the country. 

So what do you say? Are you ready to get the purchasing power you deserve and bring your credit score to new heights?

Then keep reading to learn how you can safely and quickly apply for the Unique Platinum Card!

Online application process

Unique Platinum Card
Get your laptop to start your Unique Platinum card application process! Source: Canva.

You can easily apply for the Unique Platinum Card online using their official website.

And don’t worry about your score – Unique does not perform any credit or employment checks! To start, simply head over to Unique’s page and write down your email. 

After putting down your email, click on “start now” and begin filling out the online form. Make sure all information is correct and read Unique’s Terms before hitting “continue”.

Next you’ll need to provide some financial information and link a debit or credit card.

Since this is not a payments card, you need to link a personal card to pay for the monthly fee.

Once you do so, submit your request and wait for approval. You should get quick feedback with your card’s information.

Once you get the card, you can activate it online or by calling customer service. Then, you can access My Unique Outlet’s official web store and shop for top household items and electronics!

Is there an app for applying?

Unfortunately, you cannot apply for the Unique Platinum Card via mobile app because Unique Card Services does not have one.

You can still apply online using their website with the method described above. 

Another great option: PREMIER Bankcard® Mastercard® Credit Card

If you have a score above 500 and would like to boost it with an unsecured credit card instead of a merchandise card, we recommend taking a look at the PREMIER Bankcard® Mastercard® Credit Card. 

The PREMIER Bankcard® Mastercard® Credit Card offers an unsecured spending limit up to $700 with the prestige and security of a real Mastercard product.

If this is something you’re interested in, make sure to check the following link to learn more about it, including how you can apply online!

PREMIER Bankcard® Mastercard® Credit Card

Apply for the PREMIER Bankcard® Mastercard® card

Learn how to apply for the PREMIER Bankcard® Mastercard® Credit Card and start working on improving your credit score today!

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