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Chase Freedom Unlimited® review: Enjoy a lengthy 0% intro APR period

Read this Chase Freedom Unlimited® review and find out bout this card's exclusive benefits.


Get up to 6.5% cash back on travel, dining, and drugstore purchases with this top cash-back credit card

Chase Freedom Unlimited®
A great credit card with a zero annual fee. Source: Financeiro Consulte.

In this Chase Freedom Unlimited® card review, we’ll dive into the most marketable features of this cash-back card. Read on and learn about its main benefits and disadvantages.

Chase Freedom Unlimited®

How to apply for the Chase Freedom Unlimited®?

Check out this Chase Freedom Unlimited® application guide to learn how to get this card in just a few minutes

  • Credit Score:  Good to Excellent (690-850)
  • APR: 0% intro APR for 15 months on purchases and balance transfers, 19.49% to 28.24% Variable APR henceforth
  • Annual Fee: $0
  • Fees: Balance transfer fee: Either $5 or 5% of the amount of each transfer, whichever is greater. Foreign transaction fee: 3% of each transaction in U.S. dollars
  • Welcome Bonus: Earn an additional 1.5% cash back on everything you buy (on up to $20,000 spent in the first year) – worth up to $300 cash back!
  • Rewards: 5% cash back on travel purchases through Chase Ultimate Rewards, 3% back on restaurants and drugstore purchases, 1.5% back on other purchases. No minimum redemption amount.

If you’re looking for a cash-back card with a potentially rich sign-up bonus and flexible rewards, the Chase Freedom Unlimited® is worth considering.

Enjoy 3% back on restaurants, 1.5% on all other purchases, and a flexible rewards program.

Chase Freedom Unlimited®: a complete overview

Chase Freedom Unlimited®
You’ll get extra cash back for convenient purchase categories. Source: Canva.

Our review considers that Chase Freedom Unlimited® is a compelling option for cash-back credit cards. 

With its $0 annual fee, 0% intro APR for 15 months on purchases and balance transfers, and a sign-up bonus worth up to $300, this card offers excellent value. 

Its rewards structure is complicated, but it offers 3% back at restaurants and drugstore purchases, 5% back on travel booked through Chase, and 1.5% back on everything else. 

The bonus categories are lucrative and useful, but the multiple reward rates can be head-spinning. If you use this card for all your purchases, you can rack up rewards without thinking about it.

The Chase Freedom Unlimited® earns Chase Ultimate Rewards® points, which are worth a penny apiece when you redeem them for cash back or gift cards.

You can also redeem points for travel booked through Chase or Amazon purchases. 

The card also offers flexible redemption options, and there is no minimum redemption amount.

While the Chase Freedom Unlimited® is an excellent card on its own, it’s even better as a companion to other cards that earn Chase Ultimate Rewards® points. 

By using multiple Chase cards, you can earn more points and get more value per point. Just transfer rewards to a card with elevated redemption values.

In summary, the Chase Freedom Unlimited® is a great option for cash-back credit cards, especially for those who value versatility and value. 

While the rewards structure is complicated, it offers useful bonus categories, flexible redemption options, and a potentially rich sign-up bonus.

To finish up our Chase Freedom Unlimited® review, let’s have a look at some reasons why you may want it, and reasons why you may not.

Reasons you may want it

If you’re looking for a credit card with great cashback rewards, the Chase Freedom Unlimited® might be the perfect fit for you. 

With a flat 1.5% cashback rate on all purchases, this card offers a simple and easy-to-understand rewards system. 

Plus, the fact that you can redeem your rewards for cash, gift cards, or travel makes it a versatile choice. 

Another benefit of the Chase Freedom Unlimited® is the intro APR offer, which can save you money if you plan to carry a balance. 

And if you’re a frequent traveler, the lack of foreign transaction fees could also make this card a top contender for you.

Why maybe you wouldn’t choose it

While the Chase Freedom Unlimited® offers many attractive features, it may not be the best choice for everyone. 

One reason to avoid this card is its foreign transaction fee of 3%, which can add up quickly for frequent travelers. 

Additionally, while the card offers a decent cash back rate of 1.5%, other cards may offer higher rates for specific spending categories. 

The card’s lack of travel benefits and limited redemption options for rewards may also be a drawback for some. 

Finally, if you’re looking for a card that offers a sign-up bonus, the Chase Freedom Unlimited®’s welcome offer may not be as enticing as other cards on the market.

Learn how to apply and get a Chase Freedom Unlimited®

Our Chase Freedom Unlimited® review has convinced you that this card is right for you? Great! Applying is easy with our helpful guide. Just click the link below to get started.

Chase Freedom Unlimited®

How to apply for the Chase Freedom Unlimited®?

Check out this Chase Freedom Unlimited® application guide to learn how to get this card in just a few minutes

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