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Get the best perks and benefits when you shop at the Horizon Outlet!

Group One Platinum Card, get a $750 credit line and other perks to shop at the Horizon Outlet!


With the Group One Platinum Card and its membership, you’ll get medication discounts, roadside assistance, and much more! Also, the Group One Platinum Card is a product catalog card from Horizon Card Financial Services. The initial credit limit is $750, and there is no interest if you decide to carry a debt on your purchase (the APR is 0%). So, read on to learn even more about this store card!

If you love to shop at the Horizon Outlet, you'll love to use the Group One Platinum Card! So, check out below the main perks of using this store card!

Get up to $750 in credit line to shop at Horizon Outlet
Easy to apply for
You won't need to go through a credit check or employment check
There is no APR

Upsides and special benefits

  • No APR: You won’t need to pay any APR fees when you use the Group One Platinum Card. This can help you save a lot of money, unlike with other store cards.
  • No credit or employment check: During the application for this card, you won’t need to worry about employment, income, or your credit score getting harmed. This is because there is no credit or employment check to apply.
  • Accepts low scores or no scores: You’ll be able to enjoy this card’s features even with no score or with a poor credit score.

Downsides and factors to consider

  • Membership fee: To use this card’s main benefits, you’ll need to pay for the membership fee that will be charged monthly ($14.77).
  • Lack of rewards: This store card doesn’t offer any rewards or other common card perks to its cardholders.
  • Horizon Outlet use: You’ll only be able to use this card’s credit line with purchases you make at the Horizon Outlet. So, you won’t be able to use it at any other store or place.

With this card, you’ll be able to get incredible perks, such as roadside protection that begins 5 days from the date of the enrollment of your membership. Also, you’ll be able to get legal assistance for any matter except criminal defense. Moreover, you’ll be able to get access to the My Universal Rx to get up to 50% discounts at more than 55,000 pharmacies nationwide!

If you love the idea of getting credit to use at the Horizon Outlet and get perks, you probably love the Group One Platinum Card! Also, you can even get membership perks you’ll love.

Therefore, check out our post below to learn more about this card and see how to apply for it!

Group One Platinum

Group One Platinum Card: See the best perks!

Unlock the power of the Group One Platinum Card! Dive into our review and discover this exclusive card – no APR or complications!

If you’re looking for another card option that can meet your needs, we can help you out! For example, you can try applying for the Extra Debit Card! With this card, you’ll be able to build or rebuild your credit score, and it can be perfect for those with no credit history, too!

Therefore, you can read our blog post below to learn more about this card and find out how the application process works!

Extra Debit Card

How to apply for the Extra Debit Card online!

Looking for a debit card that can help build your credit? See the Extra Debit Card apply way may be the right option for you! Read on.

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