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Freedom Gold Card review

Are you tired of being denied credit due to your credit score? The Freedom Gold Card offers an unsecured merchandise credit line to give back the purchasing power you deserve. See our full review to learn more!


Freedom Gold Card: Get easy access to credit and unlock your buying power!

Freedom Gold Credit Card
This store card will help you buy the things you need. Source: Financeiro Consulte.

Are you searching for a way to access merchandise and make online purchases, but don’t have any credit score? Then the Freedom Gold Card could be just the right card for you!

Freedom Gold Credit Card

Learn how to apply for the Freedom Gold Card!

Get all the details you need on how to apply for the Freedom Gold card, plus our in-depth review of the features and benefits it offers.

  • Credit Score: You can request this card with little to no credit.
  • APR: There’s no annual percentage rate with the Freedom Gold.
  • Annual Fee: $14.77 monthly, which equals to $177.24 per year. 
  • Fees: No additional fees to the card, but shipping fees may apply.
  • Welcome bonus: There are no sign-up offers available at the moment.
  • Rewards: This is not a credit card, so you won’t get any rewards on purchases. 

This card allows access to an unsecured line of credit to shop at Horizon Outlet regardless of your current score or financial situation.

Qualifying is easy, and you don’t have to worry about your score or credit checks. 

Check our full Freedom Gold Card review below to learn how this product can give back the purchasing power you’ve been missing and let you finance a fantastic selection of different products. 

Freedom Gold Card: a complete overview

Freedom Gold Credit Card
You have a free 7 days trial! Source: Freedom Gold.

The Freedom Gold Card is a type of merchandise card exclusively linked to the Horizon Outlet website. With this card, you can buy a variety of products ranging from clothing to electronics, and more

One of the benefits of the Freedom Gold merchandise card is that you can apply regardless of your current score.

There’s no credit check, and you can use the card to purchase items even if you’ve been turned down for credit elsewhere.

Another advantage of the Freedom Gold is that you can get special deals and discounts on items purchased through the Horizon Outlet website.

These discounts can range from 10-60%, and you’ll also receive special offers and promotions.

The biggest drawback to the Freedom Gold is that you cannot use it anywhere else but the Horizon Outlet online store. 

This means you can’t use the card to purchase items from other retailers, which limits your options.

Additionally, there’s an annual fee to use the card, and no bureau reporting – so if you’re looking to increase your score, this is not the card to do it. 

Overall, the Freedom Gold merchandise card can be a good option for those who have bad credit and want to shop online.

Just be sure to weigh the annual fee against the discounts and special offers before signing up.

Reasons you may want this card

  • You can purchase a variety of items from the online catalog, including electronics, jewelry, home goods, and more;
  • You’ll get an unsecured $750 credit line;
  • As a merchandise card, it can be a good option for people who may not have a lot of credit or who want to avoid using traditional credit cards for their purchases;
  • The Freedom Gold Card doesn’t require a credit check, so you can get approved even if you have bad credit or no credit history;
  • The Card doesn’t charge any interest or late fees, so you don’t have to worry about getting hit with high charges.

Why maybe you wouldn’t choose this card

  • The Freedom Gold merchandise Card charges high fees for membership, shipping, and handling, which can quickly add up and make it an expensive option;
  • You need to link a separate debit or credit card to your account for approval, and to process the shipping fees;
  • The card does not report any monthly payments to credit bureaus.

Inside the application process for the Freedom Gold Card

If you’re looking for a convenient and flexible way to shop for exclusive merchandise without the hassle of credit checks, the Freedom Gold Card might be just what you need!

Check the following link for a complete walkthrough of the application process and learn more about the eligibility requirements.

Freedom Gold Credit Card

Learn how to apply for the Freedom Gold Card!

Get all the details you need on how to apply for the Freedom Gold card, plus our in-depth review of the features and benefits it offers.

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