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MoneyLion Loans, get your loan with no minimum credit score requirements!


MoneyLion Loans stand out as a versatile financial tool, offering advances up to $500 for those needing immediate cash infusion. With no mandatory fees and the ability to extend repayment dates, it provides flexibility in managing finances. This service reports payments to major credit bureaus, aiding in building or improving credit scores, a valuable benefit for those looking to strengthen their financial standing.


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Looking for incredible and diverse loan options? If so, read below the main benefits of borrowing from MoneyLion Loans!

Good loan amounts
No prepayment penalties
Membership perks
No credit check

You will remain in the same website

MoneyLion Loans offer a versatile solution for immediate financial needs, providing access to advances up to $500 without mandatory fees.

This lending service stands out by reporting payments to major credit bureaus, potentially aiding users in improving their credit scores.

Upsides and special benefits

  • Up to $500 in advances: MoneyLion’s loan facility offers users the flexibility of accessing advances up to $500, providing immediate financial assistance in times of need.
  • No overdraft fees: One standout advantage of MoneyLion Loans is the assurance it won’t result in overdraft fees. For users who might occasionally experience tight financial situations, this feature is a game-changer.
  • Extend your repayment date: MoneyLion understands the fluctuating nature of finances and, thus, provides users with the option to extend their repayment date if needed.
  • Pay no mandatory fees: A notable advantage of MoneyLion Loans is the absence of mandatory fees. Unlike many traditional lending services that tack on various charges for processing, late payments, or annual fees, MoneyLion eliminates these additional financial burdens.
  • Improve your credit score: MoneyLion’s reporting of payments to three major consumer credit bureaus stands as a significant advantage for users aiming to build or improve their credit scores.
  • No hard credit checks: MoneyLion Loans distinguish themselves by not requiring a hard credit inquiry. This aspect is crucial as it allows users to access funds without negatively impacting their credit scores.

Downsides and factors to consider

  • Membership fee: MoneyLion Loans come with a monthly membership fee, which can be a disadvantage for some users. While the fee grants access to various financial services and benefits, it adds an ongoing cost that might not align with everyone’s financial strategy.
  • Small loan amounts: One limitation of MoneyLion Loans is the restriction to relatively small loan amounts. While the ability to access up to $500 can be beneficial for immediate needs, it might fall short for more substantial expenses or emergencies.
  • Advances take longer: Another potential drawback is the delay in the deposit of advances. MoneyLion Loans may take a few days to be deposited into the user’s account.
  • Maximum $100 increments: MoneyLion disburses advances in maximum increments of $100, which might not accommodate larger expenses efficiently.

A MoneyLion loan does not have a minimum credit score requirement. This is so that anyone with terrible credit or no credit at all may apply as MoneyLion does not conduct credit checks. But you should think about if you have any other choices except lenders.

A MoneyLion loan does not have a minimum credit score requirement. This is so that anyone with terrible credit or no credit at all may apply, as MoneyLion does not conduct credit checks. But you should think about if you have any other choices except lenders.

The approval process for a MoneyLion Credit Builder Plus loan might take up to three business days. Although there is a cost to acquire funds quickly, you may access a 0% APR cash advance of up to $500 with a MoneyLion membership account. So, you’ll be able to get good features if you try applying for a loan through this lender.

If you like the features of MoneyLion Loans, you can learn how to apply for it and more information about it in our blog post below!


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