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Sick of Stretching Your Budget? Discover How Mr. Price Money Can Make Shopping Affordable Again!

Say Goodbye to Financial Worries! Shop Smarter and Save with Mr. Price Money Account


Unlock a world of convenience and affordability with Mr Price Money! By having a Mr Price Money account, you gain access to a range of benefits that make it a worthwhile choice. Being a Mr Price Money account holder opens the door to exclusive deals and discounts. Embrace convenience, flexibility, and savings by getting your own Mr Price Money account today!


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Shopping with your Mr Price Money account is full of advantages. You can get benefits like the following:

Shop for trendy clothing, footwear, accessories, and home decor items at Mr Price Group stores
Use your Mr Price Money account to finance your home decor and furnishings purchases
Make payments online, in-store, or through other available payment methods
Maximize your purchasing capacity with a credit limit tailored to your financial profile

You will remain in the same website

The specific minimum income requirement may vary and is subject to the credit assessment process. The income requirement is evaluated to assess the applicant’s ability to manage credit and make repayments.

No, you cannot transfer your Mr Price Money credit to another person. The credit issued through Mr Price Money is specific to the account holder and cannot be transferred to another individual. Each account is unique and tied to the personal information and financial profile of the account holder.

No, your Mr Price Money account is not linked to a physical card. Instead, it is a credit facility associated with your personal information and account details. When making purchases at Mr Price Group stores, you can use your Mr Price Money account by providing your account information or by using alternative identification methods specified by Mr Price Money.

Mr Price Money will revolutionize the way you shop and stay on trend. Your home deserves a renovation too! This account is convenient and versatile.

To learn everything about this e-commerce and your new credit account, check our full review on the following link.

Mr Price Money Account

Discover Mr Price Money Account!

Experience convenient online shopping and unbeatable value at Mr Price Money in South Africa. Shop with confidence!

But if you need a credit line for other types of expenses, maybe a personal loan is a better fit for you.

In that case, we recommend you Sanlam Personal Loans. Many South Africans trust Sanlam to support their financial life, and maybe you should too.

Read the following content with our full review to see if it suits your needs.

Sanlam Personal Loans

Sanlam Personal Loans application

Whether financing a major life event or consolidating your debts for better financial management, Sanlam's range of loan solutions caters to your unique circumstances.

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