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We recommend you the RCS Store Card – up to 55 interest-free days!

Elevate your retail game with the RCS Store Card, your gateway to over 30,000 stores in South Africa!


In the bustling landscape of consumer choices, the RCS Store Card emerges as a shopping ally like no other. This versatile card unveils access to a sprawling retail network! From fashion to tech, groceries to DIY, the options are boundless, and the decisions are all yours.


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With the RCS Store Card at your disposal, you transcend from a mere shopper to a discerning explorer of South Africa's largest independent shopping network. Check out some of its key benefits now!

Gain access to an extensive network of over 30,000 stores
Enjoy up to 55 days of interest-free shopping
Earn cashback, loyalty points, and exclusive discounts within the RCS Shopping Network
Easily monitor your account via the RCS App

You will remain in the same website

Step into a world of shopping convenience and financial flexibility with the RCS Store Card. Let’s dive into the advantages and a few considerations that come with this card before you decide to apply!

Upsides and benefits of the RCS Store Card

  • Vast Retail Network: Gain access to a diverse network of over 30,000 stores, offering a plethora of shopping options.
  • Financial Freedom: Enjoy up to 55 days of interest-free shopping, giving you time to make well-informed purchasing decisions.
  • Rewarding Loyalty: Benefit from a cashback program, earn loyalty points, and access exclusive discounts within the RCS Shopping Network.
  • Account Management: Conveniently manage your account through the RCS App, receive monthly statements via email or SMS, and choose from flexible budget repayment plans.

Drawbacks of the RCS Store Card 

  • Limited to Affiliated Stores: The card’s benefits and rewards are primarily applicable to stores within the RCS Shopping Network, limiting its usefulness outside this network.
  • Potentially High APR: While the card offers interest-free shopping for a certain period, the APR may be relatively high if the balance isn’t paid within the interest-free period.
  • Credit Score Requirements: Qualifying for the card may require meeting certain credit score and income criteria, which could be a drawback for individuals with lower credit scores.

You can use the RCS Store Card at more than 30,000 stores that are part of the RCS Shopping Network. This extensive network includes a wide variety of retail locations, ranging from fashion and electronics stores to grocery stores and home improvement outlets. When you’re shopping at these affiliated stores, look for the RCS logo to know that your RCS Store Card is accepted. This broad acceptance allows you to access the card’s benefits and rewards across a diverse range of retail categories and locations.

The RCS Store Card is not limited to specific purchases or categories. While it offers benefits and rewards for selected purchases within the RCS Shopping Network, it provides you with flexibility to shop across a wide variety of categories. You can use the card for a diverse range of purchases, including but not limited to fashion, tech, groceries, home improvement, and DIY items. This flexibility allows you to make choices that suit your individual shopping needs and preferences. So, the RCS Store Card is not confined to particular categories; it offers versatility and convenience for a broader spectrum of purchases.

The app provides a range of essential features for seamless management of your RCS Store Card account. Within the app, you can easily monitor your account activity, access your transaction history, and track your spending. It simplifies your financial management by offering the convenience of receiving monthly statements through email or SMS, keeping you informed about your account. Furthermore, the app may offer transaction notifications and alerts to enhance account security. It also presents diverse payment options, allowing you to settle your RCS Store Card bill via the app, set up debit orders, or use other available methods.

Curious to learn more about the RCS Store Card and how it can transform your shopping experience? Dive deeper into a full review. Explore the ins and outs and uncover additional benefits!

Whether you’re a seasoned retail enthusiast or just beginning your journey into the world of credit cards, this review provides the insights you need to make the most of this versatile shopping companion.

RCS Store Card

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While the RCS Store Card offers a world of retail convenience, the Capitec Global One Credit Card provides a compelling alternative for those seeking a broader financial tool. 

Want to explore the Capitec Global One Credit Card further? Discover the comprehensive suite of features, from easy account management to affordable interest rates! Check out the full review below!

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