Apply for the NetFirst Platinum Card

Find out how to quickly and easily apply for the NetFirst Platinum Card and take advantage of an unsecured $750 credit line to shop for thousands of items at My Horizon Outlet online!


NetFirst Platinum Card: Easy online application with no credit or employment checks!

NetFirst Platinum Card
Read on to learn how to get a $750 credit limit. Source: Financeiro Consulte.

Would you like to have an alternative way to purchase clothes and household items? Apply for the NetFirst Platinum Card for an unsecured $750 credit line to buy all that and more.


Credit Card

NetFirst Platinum Card

no credit check special offers

It gives people with poor or low credit access to a line of amazing products.

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The NetFirst Platinum Card doesn’t work as a traditional card does. Meaning you cannot use it to make purchases outside of Horizon Outlet Services.

But that does not make it a bad card to have in your collection. 

First because it can give you access to a credit line even if you’ve been denied credit in the past. Second, because it accepts people no matter what their current score is.

And third, because it allows you to buy items to your home and pay for them over time. 

This card does not have an APR, so you won’t have to worry about interest charges or late payment fees. It charges a $14.77 monthly fee and that is all – no hidden fees or surprise charges coming your way. 

So how would you like to benefit from all that this card can offer? Keep reading to learn how you can easily and safely apply for the NetFirst Platinum Card and start using your card right away!

Online application process

NetFirst Platinum Card
Get a wardrobe renovation with your Netfirst Platinum card. Source: Canva.

If you’re dealing with bad credit, you don’t have to worry about potential credit checks when you apply for the NetFirst Platinum Card.

The company even offers a risk-free 7-day free trial for you to test the waters and see if this card meets your expectations.

To begin the application process, simply head over to NetFirst’s official website. Then, on the home page, write down your email and zip code.

This part is especially important because NetFirst may not be available in all areas. 

Read their Terms & Conditions and check all the necessary boxes. Then click on “continue activation process”.

By submitting this part of your application, Horizon Card Services will contact you via email for you to continue with the process.

When you’re approved, the card will be issued to your address and should arrive within a few business days.

You can activate it online, or by calling customer service at the number located on the back of your card. 

Is there an app for applying?

Unfortunately you cannot apply for the NetFirst Platinum Card via mobile app because Horizon Card Services doesn’t have one.

You can request your card using their website using the step-by-step guide on the topic above. 

Another great option: Unique Platinum Card

If you’d like to check out a different merchandise card and compare features, we recommend you check out the Unique Platinum Card.

This product works similarly to the NetFirst Platinum Card, but with a few different aspects.

For starters, you can get a credit line up to $1,000. Plus, the Unique Platinum can help you build your score with monthly bureau reporting.

Interested? Then check out the following link to learn more about the card and how to apply for it.

Unique Platinum Card

Apply for the Unique Platinum Card

Learn how to apply for the Unique Platinum Card and get the confidence you need to build a strong score and a brighter financial future!

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