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Destiny Mastercard® review: no collateral needed!

Get this card with no security deposit and pre-qualification with no impact to your credit score. Here is our Destiny Mastercard® review.


A Credit Card Featuring Monthly Reporting to Major Credit Bureaus and Zero Liability Protection

This credit card is your second chance at credit. Source: Financeiro Consulte.

Looking to rebuild your credit? Check out our Destiny Mastercard® review highlighting the card’s no-deposit, pre-qualified, and monthly reporting features.

Destiny Mastercard®

How to Apply For The Destiny Mastercard®?

Learn how to apply for the Destiny Mastercard® with no security deposit, and pre-qualification available. Here's how!

  • Credit Score: Bad – Poor (300-580)
  • APR: 24.90%
  • Annual Fee: $75.00
  • Fees: 1% ATM fee, Up to $40 late fee, 1% foreign transaction fee, $5 or 5% cash advance fee (no fees for the first year), 
  • Welcome bonus: N/A
  • Rewards: N/A

This card is best for those with bad credit looking to rebuild their score with no-deposit, pre-qualification, and monthly reporting. Learn all about it in this Destiny Mastercard® review.

Destiny Mastercard®: a complete overview 

This purple credit card will help you build credit. Source: Destiny

The Destiny Mastercard® is a credit card that helps individuals with bad credit or an imperfect credit score rebuild their credit. 

The card is unsecured, which means that there is no need to make a security deposit. But we’re going further in our Destiny Mastercard® review.

With an initial credit limit of $300, it is an excellent option for those who want to establish a credit history or improve their credit score.

Also, The Destiny Mastercard® offers numerous benefits. You’ll get pre-qualification without any impact on your credit score, zero liability protection, and easy online account access 24/7. 

It also offers monthly reporting to all three major credit bureaus, which can help individuals rebuild their credit over time.

While the Destiny Mastercard® does not offer travel insurance, it offers a range of card designs to choose from. 

The Mastercard also offers identity theft protection and zero liability protection, which can help protect against fraudulent purchases.

There are pre-qualification or approval requirements for the Destiny Mastercard®.

They include being at least 18 years old (19 in AL), having a valid Social Security number, and having a physical address and a US IP address. 

You might also have to meet additional credit qualification criteria. Additionally, you must not have had a Destiny Card that was charged off due to delinquency.

Fees for the Destiny Mastercard® include an annual fee of $75, a late fee of up to $40, and a foreign transaction fee of 1%. 

You can use your card anywhere is accepted, be it online, in-app, and in-store. Payments are reported to all three major credit bureaus, and pre-qualification won’t impact your credit score.

Reasons you may want it

Looking for the pros? Our review of the Destiny Mastercard® considers it a useful tool for those looking to rebuild their credit. There’s no security deposit requirement. 

Also, pre-qualification does not impact your credit score. Plus, monthly reporting to all three major credit bureaus, it offers a straightforward path to credit repair. 

You’ll also get zero liability protection and easy online account access are additional benefits that can help you use your credit responsibly and stay on top of your payments.

Why maybe you wouldn’t choose it

While the Destiny Mastercard® can help rebuild your credit, there are some drawbacks to consider. 

With an annual fee of $75 and a high interest rate of 24.90%, it may be more expensive than other credit cards. 

Late fees of up to $40 can also add up quickly if you miss payments. A foreign transaction fee of 1% can make it an unattractive option for international purchases. 

Additionally, the $300 credit limit may not be enough for those who need more credit. Consider these factors before deciding whether the Destiny Mastercard® is the right choice for you.

Inside the application process for Destiny Mastercard®

Applying for the Destiny Mastercard® is simple and straightforward with our helpful application guide. Click the link below to get started and apply for the card in just a few minutes.

Destiny Mastercard®

How to Apply For The Destiny Mastercard®?

Learn how to apply for the Destiny Mastercard® with no security deposit, and pre-qualification available. Here's how!

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