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LendKey Student Loans, no prepayment or origination fees!


LendKey stands out as a reputable platform in the realm of student loans, offering a unique approach to borrowing for educational purposes. As a lending platform, LendKey operates by connecting borrowers with community banks and credit unions across the United States, providing access to competitive rates and flexible repayment options.


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Are you a student looking for a loan with perks? If so, you can try LendKey Student Loans and check below the main perks of using this loan!

Low rates
Simple application process
No origination fees
No prepayment fees

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LendKey Student Loans distinguishes itself by its dedication to responsible lending practices. Understanding the financial challenges students face, the platform provides borrowers with refinancing options, allowing them to consolidate their loans and potentially secure lower interest rates.

Upsides and special benefits

  • Longer loan terms: LendKey’s offering of an 18-month forbearance period for 15- and 20-year loan terms is a standout advantage, setting it apart from many other lenders. This extended forbearance period provides borrowers with a considerable buffer.
  • Pre-qualify without a hard credit check: One of the notable perks of LendKey’s student loans is the ability to check eligibility and estimated rates without undergoing a hard credit inquiry. This feature is invaluable as it empowers applicants to explore their options without negatively impacting their credit score.
  • Many loan options: LendKey’s loan options extend beyond traditional offerings, providing borrowers with various alternatives that suit their specific needs. Whether it’s refinancing existing loans to potentially secure better terms or exploring other loan types beyond standard student loans, LendKey’s diverse range of options caters to a broader spectrum of financial situations.
  • No application or origination fees: LendKey distinguishes itself by not charging any application fees or origination fees. Also, this absence of upfront costs alleviates financial burdens for students seeking loans, ensuring that the borrowing process remains cost-effective and transparent.

Downsides and factors to consider

  • Not available in every state: LendKey’s student loan offerings come with certain limitations, notably excluding residents of Maine, Nevada, North Dakota, Rhode Island, and West Virginia from accessing their loan services.
  • No payment postponement: One drawback of LendKey’s student loans is the absence of payment postponement options for borrowers who plan to return to school or serve in the military.
  • No biweekly payments: LendKey lacks the option for biweekly payments through autopay, which some borrowers might find advantageous for managing their repayment schedules.
  • No options for international students: Another downside of LendKey’s student loans is the unavailability of options for international students. Aspiring international students studying in the United States might face challenges securing financial aid through LendKey.

LendKey is an online lending platform operated by a third party that connects consumers with loan-offering banks and credit unions. In terms of student debt refinancing, it is a relative newcomer. It promises to lower your expenses. It promises to simplify money management.

You won’t need to make any repayment payment fees with LendKey! So, there are no early payment penalties, and the conditions outlined in your loan agreement will govern how these payments are applied. Therefore, this can be an incredible feature compared to other similar loan types that make you pay fees for repaying your loan early!

The website links borrowers with nearby banks and credit unions that offer student debt refinancing and private student loans to parents, graduate students, and undergraduate students. Therefore, you can trust this company to give you incredible loan terms and conditions to help you make all your payments and live a great and healthier financial life!

If your loan has to be certified by your institution, the application process can take longer. Although they can take up to several weeks, loan certification and processing typically take less than thirty days. Therefore, it can take at least a month to complete the application process and get your money to start making your payments.

If LendKey Student Loans offers all the features you’ve been looking for in a loan, you can learn even more about it and find out how the application process works! So, read our blog post below to learn more!


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