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Build the road to financial success with these Credit Building Credit Cards!

Are you tired of having a poor credit score? Don’t worry, we have just what you need. Credit Building credit cards have special features to help you reach your goal of improving your creditworthiness. Keep reading and take action for your future self.


If you want to achieve the perfect score, get a credit building credit cards and reach for the sky!

$400 initial credit
$700 credit line
No annual fee!
Cash back rewards!
Low annual fee
2% cash back

Building credit takes effort and patience. More than that, it requires one of the best credit cards designed for credit building available in the market.

After all, building anything becomes easier with the proper tools. and these cards were made especially to help you in your credit journey. So don’t waste any more time and choose yours!

Are you familiar with the concept of “credit building” credit cards? 

how to build credit ladder
Do you know what credit building credit cards can do? Source: Adobe Stock.

Did you know that credit scores can be strategically built? They are not magic numbers that are completely outside your control.

Assent Platinum Secured card

Apply for the Assent Platinum Secured

Learn how to get a card that will help you improve your credit with a little help from our Assent Platinum Secured card application guide.

But to build credit, you need credit. We know that seems contradictory, but it is how it is. Luckily, there are financial products designed especially for that: credit building credit cards.

There are a few specificities in these cards that make them different from others:

Low credit score requirements – or no requirement at all!

Firstly, these cards obviously cannot require a perfect credit score from their applicants. If it worked like this, no one would be able to get a credit card ever.

So, to get one of the best credit building credit cards, you don’t have to worry about performing great creditworthiness. 

Educational content and support

It is in your credit issuer’s interest that you become a great credit user. After all, you need to learn how to organize your finances to pay your credit card bill.

For this reason, many credit building cards will provide you with advice and tips on how to best use your credit card.

This is a great way to receive a financial education you may have lacked in your early adult years.

Free credit monitoring

A credit monitoring service is a subscription-based service that tracks and reports changes in a person’s credit report. And many credit building cards will give you this service for free!

By using a credit monitoring service, you can keep a close eye on your credit reports and take proactive steps to protect your credit scores and financial well-being.

Which type of credit cards are available on the market for building credit?

Did you know that there are many different types of credit cards? They are not built the same and work differently.

Here are some common types of credit building credit cards:

Secured Cards

The first on the list is the most popular among people with low scores or no credit score at all. Secured credit cards do not depend on your creditworthiness to get approved.

This type of credit card requires a security deposit to act as collateral. So you’ll let your money as a guarantee, and the credit issuer can cover your balance if you fail to.

However, the good thing about this is that your security deposit is refundable. Therefore, these credit cards are a good way of building credit and saving a little money at the same time.

Unsecured credit cards for poor or no credit

There is a credit card category that may be called “subprime” cards, which are designed especially for people with no credit history or complicated credit history.

The advantage of this type of credit card is that you can apply even with a low score with no need to place collateral.

However, these cards usually charge a higher annual fee and interest rates than the secured cards. So you must weigh the pros and cons before opting for these credit cards for building credit.

First Digital Mastercard®

How to apply for First Digital Mastercard®?

Read through this First Digital Mastercard® application guide to learn how to get this card and start building credit fast!

Student Credit Cards

This is a very specific type of credit card. That’s because you can only apply for them if you are enrolled in a higher education program at a college or university.

Student credit cards were created with people starting their adult lives in mind. This is one way to start building a great credit history.

Store Credit Cards

Last but not least, we have store credit cards. However, we must mention that not every store card will build credit, so you must check this before applying for one.

Usually, these cards can be used only in the specific stores where you got the card. But the eligibility requirements are usually easier to meet than other types of cards.

Tips for reaching an excellent credit score and improving your creditworthiness

phone displaying an excellent credit score
Learn how to boost your score and reach excellence! Source: Adobe Stock.

There are many things you can do in your favor to improve your credit score. Remember that your credit history is built day by day and can always be adjusted. 

But it will not improve overnight. Also, it will not magically change if you don’t make an effort to get positive results.

So let’s work for a better financial future with these 3 easy tips to follow:

Never ever miss a payment!

This is a major tip for two reasons: Firstly, it has a big impact on your credit history, and you must avoid negative records.

It doesn’t matter if you pay it a little late or very late. Once the missing payment gets in your report, it will stay there. You can solve the debt but will still be seen as a late payer.

Secondly, this is a relatively easy thing to do in your favor. The only exception is for tragic financial emergencies that take a big bit of your budget unexpectedly.

Otherwise, you must be able to fulfill your financial commitments, including your credit card bills. You can put it on auto pay and just check if everything ok. 

Leave room in your credit limit to build a good image with credit issuers

When you have credit available but do not use it all, you send a message to the credit issuers that says, “I am not facing a financial struggle.”

Also, the credit utilization rate is one of the 5 major factors that make a credit score. So keep using just 30% of your credit limit.

If you need to use more credit, you can pay your credit card balance and take advantage of the revolving credit.

And this is a very positive message. You’ll be more likely to get approved for better offers and also will build credit faster. 

Do not apply for too many credit lines in a short period of time

On the other hand, if you apply for many different credit cards at the same time, you are sending a message that says, “I´m desperate to get more money.”

and maybe you are, but don’t let it show! Take advantage of pre-applications whenever you can, and do not apply for cards that you know you cannot get approved for.

Choose the best 0% APR credit card for your needs!

The world of credit cards can be overwhelming, but finding the right card for your needs doesn’t have to be.

With 0% APR introductory offers on balance transfers and purchases becoming increasingly prevalent, now is a great time to determine which 0% APR credit card will maximize savings and help you reach your financial goals!

In the following link, we’ll take a look at some of the features of these popular cards as well as explore tips to ensure you get the most out of yours. Ready to save money with 0% APR? Let’s jump in!

0% APR Credit Card

Choose your 0% APR credit card!

Are you ready to save money on interest or consolidate credit card debt? Check how to choose the perfect 0% APR credit card for your financial needs!

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